An Addendum for the Sleep Deprived

It has been drawn to my attention that there are a few holes in my personality profiles from yesterday.  Here is an addendum.  Any more that I’ve missed?  How do you react?  (Thanks Crystal!)

The Toddler parent

Cranky, temperamental, prone to breakdowns at the drop of a hat.  Will throw fits without warning, require lots of snuggles and snacks.  Does this describe your toddler or just you after being up with him all night?  P.S. Bedtime is at 7:30 and you are not ashamed to admit it.

spilled milk

The Bristly Parent

Is your rope feeling extra short, your fuse ready to explode?  Do you snap at the smallest things and have no tolerance for ineptitude?  Did you sprout fangs and claws overnight and have no hesitation with using them?  Lack of sleep turns some of us into monsters.  This may be you if people around you willingly offer to let you have a nap for the general good of society!


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