The Chai Conversations Day 3: What’s in a Name?

A good name is to be desired more than many riches says the proverbs.  Just ask Pilot Inspektor, Fifi Trixibell or North West.  Some of the celebrity children will have riches to spare but can’t get away from the unique names their parents have given them.

Yet, says Shakespeare, famously,

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.

Now I would argue that Shakespeare is speaking more of titles than of names but some, literature aside, may disagree with me.  They take his words at face value: a name is just a name; it doesn’t change who a person is.

In our naming journey for the three boys we have, two here and one set to make his appearance in a week’s time, we have carefully deliberated sound, pronunciation in foreign tongues, initials, meaning.  The last one—meaning or significance—has far outweighed them all in our decision making.

A few names that didn’t make the cut but were good for laughs…







Welsh Origins aside…


We have desired a name that is indicative of who they are, essentially a prayer of blessing over God’s call on their lives and middle names that are markers of what they represent in the life of our family.  More or less…it is hard to articulate the journey that it is to arrive at the name for each child!

But I am curious—how have others done it?  How have you or will you name your children?



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