31 Days of Chai Conversations: A Starting Place

31 days button

As I await the birth of my third little son and anticipate our upcoming return to the country where we work, creativity finds itself at a low but the desire to converse, to connect relationally with others and to hear what is tumbling around in their hearts and minds is at a high.  So the idea, prompted by a 31 Day Challenge at The Nester, was born.

Here I’ll list the topics of conversation for every day.  Grab a cup of tea and Join in the conversation!

Oct 1: On the Best and the Good 

Oct 2: A Starting Place (Organized, I know…where was I yesterday?)

Oct 3: What’s in a Name?

Oct 4: Practice Makes Perfect: Why is Gratitude So Hard?

Oct 5: The Word That Changed It All

Oct 6: When Nothing Seems To FIt

Oct 7: From the archives: Rules for Expectancy

Oct 8: Parental Sleep Deprivation Personality Types

Oct 9: An Addendum for the Sleep Deprived

Oct 10: Why I Love Being The Mom of Boys

Oct 13: Beef Wellington Hacked

Oct 15: Remembering With You

Oct 16: Say Something

Oct 17: Wide Open

Oct 18: What To Say To the Woman Who Is Overdue

Oct 20: To My Little One


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