In the first few weeks of school, as I picked up my Kindergarten son at lunch time, he told me they had a lockdown drill that morning at school.  Lockdown drill?  In Kindergarten?  Good grief!  I found it a sensitive topic to tackle as he began to ask those famous WHY questions.  Who would come into the school?  Why?  Would they come to our house?  How do we do lockdown at home?

I thought it might have been kind to give parents’ a heads-up that this was coming.  Or am I the only one who didn’t realize that Kindergarten and Lockdown Drills go hand in hand?

So as the news broke on Friday of the tragedy at Newtown, at fate would have it, my son found me, crying instead of closing the books for the year.  Enter more attempts at age-appropriate explaining.  There’s a great article on how to do this here.

My heart has turned over and over the words from Scripture: “Don’t be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good.”  But how?

And then I thought, what if we did one act of good or kindness for everyone who died that day?  Basically one month of good deeds.

And in the time that I was down with the stomach flu, it appears that Ann Curry thought of the same thing and has gathered quite a following.  Fantastic!  Here’s the link.

So, are you in?