Can you take the heat?

It is hot here.  Really hot.

I’m a Canadian.  I’m used to cold.  Really cold.  And kind-of-hot in the summer time.  I am not used to the intense kind of heat that teams up with humidity.  This dynamic duo does strange things to me and to my house.

Did you know Kraft Dinner can mold?  Yes.  My mother in law brought a few boxes in for Lucas when she came to visit.  Three weeks later I went to open the box and it was a big, green, hard lump.  Nice.

Clothespins melt.  Rubber gloves melt.  The roof top tanks are like giant crock pots.  Last week, I got sun burnt hanging up the laundry.  That is either too much laundry or too much sun.  Or both.

Maybe I’m a little extra sensitive right now about my appearance with a 2 month old baby but I’m pretty sure the heat makes me ugly.   I am forever washing my hair and pulling it back into a knot of frizz and curls at the back of my sweaty head.  I’ve stopped trying with makeup since it slides right off.  Wardrobe choices waffle between a “less is best” sports shorts and tank tops philosophy and the “out of sight, out of mind” maxi dress approach.  The common denominator between both is that my usual capris don’t fit.  Still.

That said, I’m trying to get back into an exercise routine.  In the heat.  Good luck.

Another thing I’ve discovered about all this heat and humidity is that I tend to get a little cranky.  By the middle of the afternoon, I’m toast.  Let’s just say that it’s been good that both boys nap, since Mommy’s patience turns to steam at about 40 degrees.

I hear myself apologizing, saying, “Maybe it is just the heat getting to me.”  But what excuse is that?  Lucas doesn’t get a carte blanch to disobey or throw fits because it is hot.  He’s only 4.  I’m the adult here.

Yet, I like to look for excuses to reason away irritability or impatience, my disobedience or laziness or any other score of things that I am not proud of.

Recently I was discussing a work situation with a colleague.  A couple we are working with, having just come out of a rough patch in their marriage, are frustrated that God would allow a family problem on the heels of such a big challenge.  It doesn’t seem fair to them.  They were doing great and are now at each other’s throats again, questioning each other’s loyalty and commitment.  I found myself thinking, “Maybe this is what they need to reveal the truth of their hearts to each other.  If they only live on the surface with easy situations, they never have to deal with the real issues.”

Instead of shrugging things off and making excuses, I want to push in and ask what is being revealed to me about my character?   What needs to change?  Then, heat or no heat, I want to start to change it.

So, what about you?  Does turning up the heat make you ugly?


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